Welcome to the Norco Ranglers 2014 - 2015

California Gymkhana Association District 20

Rain OR Shine

Norco Ranglers' shows are held at Ingalls Park in Norco. The arena is COVERED so we run RAIN OR SHINE! See you there!

Year–End Awards Banquet for 2013 — 2014 Season

  • Date: TBA
  • Time: TBA
  • Where: TBA

Always a fine affair with fantastic prizes and awards! DO NOT miss this event!

First Show of the 2014 — 2015 Season

  • When: Saturday 20 September 2014
  • Where: Ingalls Park in Norco
  • Which Arena: TBA
  • What Time: Signups at 7:45am, Show Starts at 9:00am
  • Events: Quad (QR P2 SSR F8S SBR KH)*
  • Colors: The Colors of Late Summer (Blue, Yellow, Green)

*Please Note: Events are subject to change based on arena conditions and safety concerns.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Year End Award Request Form

If you qualify for Year End Awards, download this form, fill it out ... email it to Gina! We won't make any guarantees, but we will try to accommodate your requests.

Standings ... Past & Current

Please Note: Addult AAA and Youth AAA will be combined unless there are at least three (3) riders in EACH division. This will be done at the end of the season.

A few words from our President ...

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Volunteers Needed for Fundraiser in August

The Norco Ranglers will be volunteering at the Norco Posse Rodeo on Saturday 23rd August 2014. We will earn $300.00 plus tips. We could easily take home over $1500.00 that will go toward year-end awards. Click here for more information.

How to Qualify for Year–End Awards

To qualify for Year&ndEnd Awards ... YOU MUST:

  • Attend BOTH fundraisers (January and June). If you miss a fundraiser you may pay the club $35.00 to make up for the missed fundraiser.
  • Attend 60% of the shows, which equals 7 shows and ride ALL events at each show.
  • Attend at least one of the last three shows of the season. (May, June, July)

Cary Anderson Photography

Cary Anderson Photography has been shooting the Norco Ranglers for the last few shows.

Check out the outstanding photos at candersonphotos.com

Cary Anderson Photography
Cary Anderson Photography

On-Line Forms Are Now Available

Show Sign-Up, Membership and Move-Up Forms are now available on-line on the Forms Page.
You now have several choices ...

  1. Print out the form and fill it in by hand (just like in the old days)
  2. Fill in the form on your computer, print it and SAVE it. This way it will be nice and legible AND next month all you have to do is open the form, change the Show Date, and print it out again ... you do NOT have to fill in the whole form every month! (save time, save ink).

Download the forms from the Forms Page.